BitDraft : Stencyl Game Engine Challenge

BitDraft : 2 Week Stencyl Game Engine Challenge
Brice(Oldest Brother – Artist) and Brandon(Middle Brother – Developer) are going to have a friendly brother game development competition:
We have till February 12th to have our game uploaded for gamers to play and judge!

[Challenge Terms]

1] Must use Stencyl game engine.
2] Must be a different style of game
3] We may help each other(Brice with Art Me with Code)
4] Must be completed by February 12th
4] Must have leaderboards
5] Must be simple and yet must have replayability
6] Can be single or multiplayer
[Crowd Engagement]
Ratings: We will set up a voting system to give points to the game you vote is your favorite.
[ ? ]
There are only winners here! BitDraft gets 2 games knocked out with a little friendly competition.
Fans get 2 games to play and
We are a little burned out on our large game we are working on and needed to feel like we accomplished something to get us back fired up for
our larger game project!

New AR/VR/RPG/MMO/Location based game.

We are working on a new Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, RPG, MMO, and a location based game that will blow your mind! We love games and we love MMORPG’s so why not add everything else we love as well! We will have more information, concept art and videos coming soon. We plan to have a playable Alpha build in a few weeks! The art work won’t be in the final build and we will also have a ton of new features built in when we go live. However we want our users to get their hands on the game as soon as possible. So please stay tuned! We will also be asking for your help on features we want to add!